Facebook politically categorizes you without your consent!

Unless you've managed to avoid your Facebook feed for the last year and half, no doubt you've learned a whole lot more about your friends' and family's political views than you ever cared to. And even if you've personally made a conscious effort to stay neutral or discreet about your leanings in the midst of the madness, the reality is that Facebook has a pretty good idea of your political preferences anyway. That's because included amongst the hordes of data Zuckerberg and Co. are constantly collecting about you in order to better serve up ads is an inference about how liberal, moderate, or conservative you might be. Here's how to find out what you've been categorized as, and how to change it. Screenshot via Facebook Log into your Facebook account on a desktop and head to this page. Here, you'll see all of your so-called "ad preferences," divided up by interest…

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