Introduction to Drawing: @ Visarts, Rockville

Introduction to Drawing: Classical Method Thursdays & Fridays: 6:30pm - 8:30pm between February 22nd - March 30th Original Link from | $180 This six-week class helps pupils with the essential foundations in drawing skills. Regardless of the experience or age, all students who take this class experience remarkable growth in their artistry. Students acquire techniques to train their hands to draw the essential lines for masterful drawings, and the proper use of materials such as pencils and papers. This class will also introduce students to shapes, shadows, lights and textures. By the end of this workshop students will have been exposed to all of the secrets used during the Renaissance Era by masters such as Michelangelo and DaVinci. A material list will be provided and explained in detail during the first class.

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Back-drop and lights setup

Art Studio for photography, open-drawing sessions & all workshops

New art workshop and photo studio: My dream is to establishing an artistic community, full-filing artists' desires for creativity, insuring a safe environment freeing creativity processes & providing satisfactory returns for everyone. This space is more than just a photography studio. It can host drawing sessions, workshops of art, Yoga classes and much more. Do not hesitate to shoot me a message HERE  for any ideas you have. You will get a great deal! This studio offers: Large Bay-window for natural light and stylized pictures Side-small window for natural light Black & white curtains with French Baroque motif Dedicated in-&-out main entrance door Own half-bath room Changing room Oriental-setup living room Fully equipped with Backdrops (Choice of colors: black, white, light grey, light blue, and green) Strobe light Hear light Reflection light with umbrellas Flash Canon camera Full-motion camera tripod Set of 4 remote camera-flash triggers  

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Partnering Opportunities with Models

I am looking for relatively fit figure art models to partner with in open drawing sessions and photography shoots. My studio is at the Rockville/Silver Spring area. The exact address will be provided to models directly. An e-mail will go out with proposed dates. Groups of artists, models and photographers will then be formed accordingly. There are opportunities for week days, weekend-ends, day-times or evenings. There is also room to discuss few special requests or preferences before committing to a session. Modeling sessions have the following format: Figure Art Drawing classes Models will take poses ranging from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the techniques I wish students to learn. I will be very involved providing instructions to students and asking models for specific classical drawing poses; and they will be comfortable. The classes will run for two-and-half hours. Open drawing sessions Duration and format of these sessions will vary.…

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M4Arts Hosts Pop-Up Art Show with Lamine Hamdad

Figure drawings and photography by Lamine Hamdad delighted Georgetowners Original post on:  Figure drawings and photography by Lamine Hamdad delighted Georgetowners Art lovers poured into this past Sunday's pop up art show with local artist Lamine Hamdad for a special showing and artist meet & greet. Lamine is a true modern-day renaissance man with expertise in web development, computer programming, fine art and photography. Although he works as a full time web developer and database system engineer, he’s also an artist and photographer on the side.  As a fine art illustrator, Lamine focuses on the human figure and face. You can tell he’s skilled by just observing the detail and precision in his illustrations. However, it’s Lamine’s sketching-style which makes his work stand-out. The delicacy, fluidity and energy of his lines make his drawings romantic and full of life. If you like strolling through Georgetown, enjoy viewing art, or just like mimosas, stop…

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