Two Artists Set Sail in a Pair of Floating Art and Photography Studios

By Kelly Richman-Abdou on February 15, 2018 Today, many creatives opt to abandon the confines of traditional workspaces in order to produce work on-the-go. From pop-up art studios to portable photography labs, this trend has resulted in both an abundance of experimental spaces and a surge in new technologies. Taking both of these approaches on board, artists Claudius Schulze and Maciej Markowiczhave created 2BOATS, a “floating photographic platform” that puts a creative twist on travel. The 2BOATS project revolves around a unique pair of water vessels. Intended to house the artists as they travel around Europe, each boat is much more than meets the eye. The first was dreamt up by Schulze and resembles a rustic houseboat. It serves as a hammock-equipped hub for artists to discuss “vision, formation, creation and the environment,” hold workshops, and view Schulze’s eclectic body of work. The second boat, Obscuraboat, was designed by Markowicz. Known as a “moving camera,” this…

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Why You Should Pose Nude

Why You Should Pose Nude Modeling Katja Gee I was warned about nude modeling on my very first shoot. The photographer I was working with told me in serious tones that she would never ask me to pose nude—and to be wary of any photographer that did. According to her, anyone who wanted me to disrobe was a predator and a pervert. The warnings didn’t stop there. As I did more research into modeling, I read countless articles that cautioned against posing nude, especially for new models. The pictures would be on the Internet forever, the authors warned, and could ruin future job opportunities. Besides, what would your mother think if she found out? Model: Katja Gee; Photographer: Art Silva To an extent, these warnings hold water. (Although for the record, none of my art nude photographers have ever been predatory, and my mother loves my work). It’s true that the images will be around forever. If you…

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Beyond nudity. What makes a stunning work of art?

THE INSPIRED PHOTOGRAPH Thoughts and video from JOEL BELMONT on working with models to create great works of art At Model Society, we post artistic images of humanity. A lot of photographers send "sexy" photos that don't quite qualify (for us) as art. We decline as many member applications as we approve. So people ask us all the time... "What makes an image a work of art?" It's not easy to explain ... how great art reveals our collective human experience. It can portray hopes fears, beauty, sexuality and everything else that makes us human. It's not easy to explain ... that nudity as art can transcend and include sexuality. While there's no denying that many images at Model Society are "sexy", they also illuminate and respect the humanity of the models. Beyond just "sexy", Model Society celebrates the full range of humanity. We welcome a diversity of shapes, sizes and colors. We embrace the entire…

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Read more about the article Art Studio for photography, open-drawing sessions & all workshops
Back-drop and lights setup

Art Studio for photography, open-drawing sessions & all workshops

New art workshop and photo studio: My dream is to establishing an artistic community, full-filing artists' desires for creativity, insuring a safe environment freeing creativity processes & providing satisfactory returns for everyone. This space is more than just a photography studio. It can host drawing sessions, workshops of art, Yoga classes and much more. Do not hesitate to shoot me a message HERE  for any ideas you have. You will get a great deal! This studio offers: Large Bay-window for natural light and stylized pictures Side-small window for natural light Black & white curtains with French Baroque motif Dedicated in-&-out main entrance door Own half-bath room Changing room Oriental-setup living room Fully equipped with Backdrops (Choice of colors: black, white, light grey, light blue, and green) Strobe light Hear light Reflection light with umbrellas Flash Canon camera Full-motion camera tripod Set of 4 remote camera-flash triggers  

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Partnering Opportunities with Models

I am looking for relatively fit figure art models to partner with in open drawing sessions and photography shoots. My studio is at the Rockville/Silver Spring area. The exact address will be provided to models directly. An e-mail will go out with proposed dates. Groups of artists, models and photographers will then be formed accordingly. There are opportunities for week days, weekend-ends, day-times or evenings. There is also room to discuss few special requests or preferences before committing to a session. Modeling sessions have the following format: Figure Art Drawing classes Models will take poses ranging from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the techniques I wish students to learn. I will be very involved providing instructions to students and asking models for specific classical drawing poses; and they will be comfortable. The classes will run for two-and-half hours. Open drawing sessions Duration and format of these sessions will vary.…

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