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My belief is that the mind and the spirit are what constitute our soul. Their nourishment is KNOWLEDGE and ART

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My dream is to establish a collaborative network-refuge for artists that will fulfill their desire for art, ensure a safe environment to fully practice their passion, stimulate free creativity processes, & that will provide satisfactory returns for everyone.

Creativity is a vital aspect of my life. Not a day goes by without that I am making something out of nothing. Even technology I do see it as a mean for creativity. Technology also contributes so much in every aspect of our lives. Hence, I see that combining art and technology has so much potential to enrich our lives.

This website is my outlet to sharing all my passions, the crossroad between fine art drawing, fine art photography, music, web development and addressing themes of our time through the posts that I share.

This, is the Renaissance world. This, is where art and technology merge.

I really hope to have something in here for everyone out there.




Kim Yensen

Testimonial - Kim Yensen

Lamine’s passion for capturing the human figure was evident while planning my yoga shoot. He brings to the table details of ideas and willing to try yours with careful thought in mind.  An over all professional artist. Would work with him again.    

Kim Yensen
Model, Actor, Artist and Wellness Mentor.

Josh Henkin

Testimonial - Josh Henkin
Lamine is a skilled website designer and artist which is a great combination for creating appealing and user-focused websites. I first met Lamine when I was a student in a Word Press class he taught. I was impressed with his ability to explain website concepts to a non-expert and to demonstrate essential components of website

Josh Henkin
STEM Career Services

Patty P. Lundy

Testimonial - Patty P. Lundy
I first met Lamine Hamdad when I took a WordPress class that he taught through Arlington County public schools. It was a very instructive course and I enjoyed Lamine’s guidance. I hired him to do my website because it was a little out of my league, and he did a great job with it. I

Patty P. Lundy
Writer | Editor | Creative Consultant

Tonya Letunovskaya

Testimonial - Tonya Letunovskaya
I’ve met Lemmy a couple years ago on Model Mayhem, networking website for various visual artists. He immediately made an impression of someone who is extremely professional and passionate about their art. Funny enough we finally got to work together during pandemic on paid and tfp projects. Lemmy is fun and easy to work with,

Tonya Letunovskaya
Pole, Aerial and Flexibility

Anikah Fox

Testimonials - Anikah
I have had the pleasure of working with Lamine on numerous occasions. His passion for art and the human figure really shows in his work. He has a true gift at making you feel comfortable and the next thing you know you are caught up in a magic where you have become art. Lamine has

Anikah Fox
Lamine's Portrait



Capturing our world’s most beautiful creations has been a monumental part of my artistic and personal life. As a kid my favorite anime characters, pets, and wildlife were my very first subjects. In my late teens, I was introduced to the Leonardo DaVinci’s figure drawing method that gave me the methodology to my human figure drawings in particular. As a self-taught artist I always sought to improve my craft. So in my mid-thirties I managed to enroll in a Capstone Master Art Drawing Technique class, even though I was in an Information Systems major, and after which point my art went to a stratospheric level. I also specialize in Fine Art Photography and teaching drawing.

Join my journey & check out some of my work.

Studying & Drawing the human figure in all its splendors became a mission. It is now a life-long project I have dubbed Motions. Depicting the human figure in very dynamic movements and unusual perspectives. The energy and grace do trigger my creativity

I personally find that photography has more freedom to it than in drawing. The ability to instantaneously immortalize a still moment of beauty, a story or an emotion is very powerful. All that while saving the natural lights and without necessarily resorting to computerized enhancements preserves the authenticity of that magical occurrence.

Find out what masterpieces on my online store are for sales.


"The ideal teacher guides his students but does not pull them along; he urges them to go forward and does not suppress them; he opens the way but does not take them to the place."




Styles in Classical or Master Art Drawing Technique are available. Learn how to do landscapes, human figures and portraits. Including a wide range of methods, tools and media are part of the curriculum.


WordPress, HTML, CSS, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Social Media Strategies, & Responsive Design are some of the required tools for a successful web sites. Let me help you be in charge of your projects.

With the

All classes may be taken in schools, groups or private sessions