Beyond nudity. What makes a stunning work of art?

THE INSPIRED PHOTOGRAPH Thoughts and video from JOEL BELMONT on working with models to create great works of art At Model Society, we post artistic images of humanity. A lot of photographers send "sexy" photos that don't quite qualify (for us) as art. We decline as many member applications as we approve. So people ask us all the time... "What makes an image a work of art?" It's not easy to explain ... how great art reveals our collective human experience. It can portray hopes fears, beauty, sexuality and everything else that makes us human. It's not easy to explain ... that nudity as art can transcend and include sexuality. While there's no denying that many images at Model Society are "sexy", they also illuminate and respect the humanity of the models. Beyond just "sexy", Model Society celebrates the full range of humanity. We welcome a diversity of shapes, sizes and colors. We embrace the entire…

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