Half Myth, Half Amazing

Warner Bros./Ringer Illustration Michael Jordan or LeBron James? It is one of the essential questions in the modern era of sports fandom, encompassing facts and biases, statistics and anecdotal evidence, and the ever-shifting barometer of cultural relevance. It turns friends into foes, barbershops into the site of parliamentary debates, and the Super Bowl LII champions into bickering schoolchildren. The question of Jordan or LeBron may live on for longer than they do. So, before we fully gear up for what should be a frenzied second half of the season, why not celebrate and examine the impact of two of the most influential players in basketball history? Welcome to Jordan-LeBron Week. Donovan Mitchell and Dennis Smith Jr. didn’t even have to think about it. The two rookies stood at center court of the Los Angeles Convention Center last Friday morning in the middle of practice for that night’s Rising Stars Game,…

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