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Iron Cross Headstock

Metallica’s James Hetfield’s Iron Cross


Black and Gold color
– Mahogany wood body
– Mahogany wood neck
– Rosewood Fretboard
– Set-in construction
– White Pearl Inlays
– Scale Length 24.75″
– 22 Frets
– H/H Wilkinson Pickups
– 2 Volume, 1 Tone, 3-way toggle Switch Controls
– LP Bridge
– Gold Hardware
– Lock-in mechanism tunersExtremely easy to play, not buzzing and clean sound.

You may check how the guitar plays on that cover video: Orion from Metallica

I have had my eyes on the James Hetfieled’s (Metallica’s rhythm guitar and vocals) Iron Cross since I first saw on their Frantic video clip; from St. Anger album. The one he owns is a Gibson model from the early 70’s which he personally bolted on the golden iron cross left-over from a motorcycle he was building with his uncle. Needless to say that this model is no longer made which makes it a very expensive rarity. A fantasy I can’t afford. A decade later I came upon a guitar custom maker and I was ecstatic to hear they made an exact replica for a much, much more affordable price. And all the sudden, the dream became real. To be clear, this is a replica, not an original. And it is made after the Hetfield’s ESP model. The luthier did a really good job applying some of the changes I had required. Mainly keeping only one position switch at the button and no dummy. I think Hetfield’s homage to the Gibson model that has a switch by the neck is cute, but a bit silly.