WATCH: Donald Trump’s Sexual Predator Friends


This morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about the night she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh, the judge nominated to the Supreme Court by a president who is a self-admitted sexual predator. She believed she was about to be raped and thought she might die.

How did we end up here? How does a man with multiple, credible allegations of sexual assault make it this far, on the brink of a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court?

First of all, we’ve always been here. Forever. None of this is new. Women have had to suffer this since the beginning of time. And men have always had friends in high places and systems set up to make sure they’ve never had to face any consequences for their actions.

The media, over the decades, have failed to confront this issue and have supported, hired and defended their male sexual predator friends. In my new film, “Fahrenheit 11/9”, I name names and show how not only did the male media CEOs sic their male stars on women (like Hillary Clinton) who would dare to seek power, they abused the very women who worked for them. Here’s a brief clip from my movie about these sexual predators who control the news and information we receive.

Watch the video here

But what if we’ve reached a turning point? What if the women of the U.S. Senate, backed by millions of women around the country, grabbed them all by the collar and gave them the heave-ho? And what if millions of male allies did the right thing and stood strongly behind them?

The Republicans are on a mission to outlaw abortion. Two or four or six allegations of rape and abuse will not get in the way of the government claiming authority over one gender’s reproductive organs. They have no shame, no decency and will use use any means necessary to get their way.

We must not let this confirmation go through. We must fight back even harder.

-Michael Moore


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