Online Exclusive: Daniel Maidman Muses: Part 1. Manou

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Daniel Maidman, Manou’s Pressing Hand, pencil on paper, 15”x11”, 2018 Daniel Maidman JENN SINGER GALLERY Apr 25th – May 31st Online Exclusive By JON SOARD, May 2018 Twenty-first Century Figurative drawing is quickly being recognized as a specific period in art. It is generally perceived to be a reaction to over-intellectualized visuals and a reconnection of contemporary culture to corporeal meaning. Muses: Part 1, Manou, at Jenn Singer Gallery, is an example, a solo virtual exhibition[1] of new drawings by Brooklyn-based artist and widely published author Daniel Maidman, best known for his figurative works on paper. The actual artwork is also accessible by appointment and worth the trouble. At first glance, the convenience of a virtual “gallery” format is a pristine view of immaculately rendered human forms. The drawings are graphite and white pencil rendered on fine paper such as B.F.K. Reeves, tan, or dark, gunmetal gray. Unfortunately, they are…

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